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Drunken 50th Birthday Cake (1 Viewer)

This was a drunken-themed birthday cake that I made for my husband's 50th birthday.

Drunken 50th Birthday Cake by Help Me Bake (2) (Medium).jpg

The cake is a 6-inch Madeira which is one of his favourite cakes. When baked I added extra moisture by adding a stock syrup to the cake when it came out of the oven. Once levelled, I then filled it with jam and covered it in golden marzipan. I used white icing fondant, autumn gold, and jet black Renshaw icing for the top layer.

Drunken 50th Birthday Cake by Help Me Bake (1) (Medium).jpg

The cake was then topped with a sleepy replica of my husband holding an empty champagne bottle. I made his hands and face using white Saracino modelling paste mixed with Paprika Sugarflair food dye to make his skin tone. For the champagne drip, I mixed piping gel with gold lustre dust. The dots, Confetti and streamers were made using the Renshaw icing and cutters.

John 50th (Medium).jpg

To make the streamers I wrapped slim pieces of icing fondant around a skewer and left them to dry. For the base of the cake, I used a rounded border cutter.

The additional topper decorations that I used to decorate the cake were a Confetti filled balloon, a Happy 50th Birthday sign, and some dotty and spiral themed toppers.

The colour of the bought toppers matched perfectly with the edible ones.

And there you have it a fun filled Happy 50th Birthday Cake.

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I love it, it looks perfect and I bet he enjoyed it. Did he eat it with a glass or two of his favourite tipple?
Thank you, I had fun making him.

More than one or two, the topper was an actual representation of him at the end of the evening. 😂

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