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The Chronicles of Joan finally come to an end. (1 Viewer)


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It is with great sadness that I sit here and type this. However, I owe it to Joan to write about all the wonderful things she has done over the years and remember her fondly. ❤️

Joan has been an integral part of the site since I started it ten years ago and has been, to put it politely, my sidekick and partner in crime since day one. She has been the greeter, the notifier, the granny whiz kid who knows more about technology than I ever did, and even though she was more tech than baking still helped me on the site and behind the scenes constantly.

She has proof read, given her opinions, made us laugh and recounted countless tales of all the bonkers things that only seemed to happen to her, from the cat being found in the cupboard to feeding the animals in the garden, the Christmas jumpers and finally getting get her mobility scooter. We have been on a roller coaster of a journey, and even though it wasn't all plain sailing, especially when her husband passed away, she always turned up and made us laugh.

I will miss her messages, notifications and prompts but more so her essence and, most of all, her stories.

I'm sorry the chronicles are now over, but it has been a blessing to have been part of the journey.

Thank you for being here, Joan, you will be deeply missed by us all. ❤️

Angie xx
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My heart is heavy. As Angie knows, my Mom also passed...the same day.

Joan was a wonderful woman and forum friend even before HMB. Never a harsh word. Always welcoming and congratulating others here and the Windows forums. She had a great sense of humor, very attuned to my own. I "saw" here here every day.

There is an even bigger hole in my heart today. It was an honor and a pleasure to have known her...even if never in person

May she be back with her husband and beloved pets passed if such things are possible

Goodbye Joan. I already miss you...

With love, Bill
To Joan

I hope you and John are having a lovely knees-up, up in heaven today on what would have been your 80th birthday.

We miss you lots. ❤️ Happy Birthday, Lovely! :party:

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It's been a year since our beloved Joan went up to dance in heaven. I do hope her and John are having a party up there. I hope your Mum is too. 😇
...and Willow and the badgers and...

Miss you Joan ❤️

Thanks Angie, don't believe I ever saw my Mom dance...I know she could move fast back in the day...she had 3 boys :wink:

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Aww, yeah, Willow in the cupboard did make me laugh! :lmao: She was always feeding the wildlife. As for your Mum, I bet she was very spritely on her toes back in the day, especially with three rambunctious boys! ❤️

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