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As we’re entering that time of year again and with Stir Up Sunday just around the corner. I thought I would put together a mini tutorial with a small video showing you how to make your own Christmas Cakes.

Tip: Pull your butter out of the fridge 30 minutes before starting your cakes to allow it to soften.
This Christmas Cake Mix will make the following sized cakes:-
Cake Sizes and Required Bake Times: –
3 Small Spring Tin – 6 Inch x 1 Inch Cakes – *Bake Approx for 1-2 Hrs
1 Medium 8 Inch x 3 Inch Round/Square Cake – *Bake Approx 3Hrs – 3 and Half Hours
3 Domed Cakes (Two) 1 Litre Bowls and (One) 0.5 Litre Bowl: –
1 Litre Bowl – *Bake Approx 2Hrs 15Mins – 2 Hrs 30 Mins For the 0.5 Litre – *Bake Approx 2 Hours
Preheat your oven to one of the following temperatures: –
130°C Fan Assisted
150° Conventional Oven
Gas Mark 1–2
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