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There are different types of Tylo powder (depending on the make you buy): -

Granular Tylo powder is widely used to make edible glue; this is because its granules do not absorb well into icing or fondant.

Superfine Tylo powder, although superfine tylo powder is made of the same ingredients as granular, its consistency allows it to be used for dual purposes.
  • It can be used to make edible glue.
  • It will also make flower and modelling paste as it acts as a hardener and absorbs straight into your icing fondant. (The consistency resembles powdered milk).

If you are buying this variety of Tylo here are the differences:-

1. This is the granular version 'Purest Quality Granular' is used to make edible glue.

Granular Tylo.JPG

2. This is C1000 it's a superfine powder used for making edible glue and used in icing/fondant for flowers and models.

Superfine Tylo Powder.JPG

I use the Sugarcraft Essentials brand which can be used to make glue and used as a hardener:-

Tylo Powder.jpg

In the USA it is known as both Tylo and Tylose Powder.
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I didn't know there were 2 types of Tylo powder. I knew you could make edible glue from it and the type I have at home is superfine but that's only by chance. If I buy any more I'll make sure I don't buy the granules thinking it will do the same job as the superfine.

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