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Springtime Cupcakes Class Student Creations (30/03/15)

Springtime cupcakes (16).jpg

I have to thank the ladies for attending the workshop tonight as the weather is not being kind and it's seriously blowing a gale outside. Not our Gail might I add, nooo she's nicely tucked up in the classroom as the rain beats against the window.

I currently feel like we are in some kind of horror movie, to be honest as I have only just noticed the totem pole outside the window that is made up of artistic heads. I'm not sure if it is an art project done by the students however it is quite eerie looking and now I feel like all eyes are watching us. I'm just waiting for the crack of thunder the door to fly open and the mad axeman to appear and hey presto we have our very own horror movie. Lol! :D

Anyway back to what is supposed to be our Springtime themed workshop, to be honest, it feels more like Halloween than Springtime but once the ladies have braved the storms, motorways and the large lorries we settle down into class and start the evening.

Tonight I am showing the ladies how to make spring-themed cupcake toppers such as blossom trees, baby birds and butterflies. As I progress through my demonstrations and start to make the baby bird Danielle informs me that she thought the baby bird was in fact a dolphin and couldn't quite work out what it had to do with springtime. It was hard not to laugh at this point which then opened up a debate with the class about what they thought it was and then what on earth they thought the nest bit was. Apparently, my lovelies weren't sure, but Danielle thought the nest may have been muddy waters.

I wondered then whether my design could be misconstrued as something completely different however I needn't have worried as Kerry-Anne was in my corner. She knew that it was a baby bird as the class was a 'Springtime theme'. The remainder of the class asked me why I hadn't done the chick in yellow to which I informed them it didn't go with my colour scheme. Hee hee, I do have a method in my madness you know.

This is the reason I love teaching, there is never a dull moment and the topic of discussion is hilarious!

We had a great evening filled with spooky goings-on and lots of laughter. Here is a picture of the ladies in action and the wonderful cupcakes that they created.

Here are Gail, Jacqui, Fran, Linda, Angela and Danielle getting creative.

1 Springtime (1).jpg

Springtime cupcake Workshop (3).jpg

Here is my cheerleader Kerry-Anne see she understands my concepts, Lynsey, Vikki, Susan, Claire and Abi all enjoying our fun-filled dolphin free evening. :wink:

Springtime cupcake Workshop (4).jpg

Springtime cupcake Workshop (6).jpg

The 'Dolphin' is our new in house joke now that along with the deep dark corridor that Susan braved to use the ladies. We informed her that if she wasn't back in five minutes we would come and find her with our rolling pins and phones in hand that way we could have spooky selfies in the corridor! It was another great evening and I thank the ladies for attending, especially Danielle and Angela who have trekked over from Sale and braved rush hour motorway driving just to attend.

Here are your lovely Springtime cupcakes with not a dolphin in sight!

springtime collage1.jpg
springtime collage2.jpg

springtime collage3.jpg
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