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My mousse is seeping out of the edges and sliding...How do I make it stop? I put straws in to keep it from sliding and put it in the fridge to re-firm.
Hi Lindsey

It sounds like the mousse is too soft to hold the cake.

Sliding usually occurs when you have too much filling in the cake, and with the mousse being very light, it cannot hold the weight of the cake, which may be the cause of it seeping. Even using the straws won't help because there isn't enough strength in the mousse to take the weight of the cake and they then become fragile.

Mousse cakes should be kept refrigerated at all times and should only be removed for serving, if you have to leave it out then I would suggest you serve within 30-mins to an hour.

If you want to keep the mousse as a filling, I would cut more layers into the cake and put thinner layers of the mousse running through it rather than a thick layer in the centre. This will still give you the amount of mousse but with hopefully stop the seeping as there will be less weight and a thinner covering.

If the mousse allows and holds its shape, then I would pipe some on the top and cover the surrounding cake in it, thus allowing less filling in the centre but still giving you the mousse flavour.

If your mousse is too thin and doesn't coat the back of a spoon, then there is something called a 'liaison' whereby you would add additional egg yolk and cream to the mousse to thicken it.

The only other thing I can suggest is to use ganache instead.

I hope this helps. 😊
I froze it last night and then added a layer of crusting buttercream to outside. I plan to move it to the fridge today. Do you have any advice on a way to save it if it continues to seep once moved to the fridge? It is for tomorrow morning.Mousse cake2.JPG
At this point, the only thing you can do is hope.

The buttercream will effectively set the cake in place but should really be crusting out of the fridge. The problem with that is your filling isn't going to make it at room temperature, and you may run the risk of the cake sweating when it comes to room temp after it has been in the fridge. The only thing you can do is serve it immediately once it's out of the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the seeping. If the buttercream is solid enough, it will hold the cake together.

Going forward always place a dam around the edge of the cake in buttercream and then put in your filling. This effectively stops the filling from oozing out as the buttercream acts as a barrier.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope all goes well. 🤞

Good luck!
Thank you! I did do a buttercream warrior but it apparently wasn't enough. I have done this cake as an 8 inch with no problems but with the 12 inch not so good. I'll take all of advice you gave next time. Thank you so much.
I agree with Angie, its an engineering issue.
For mousse cake I add extra chocolate to make a stronger mousse, use sponge for the cake instead of heavy batter type cake.

My favourite method is make 2 almond meringue circles on a papered tray, trim to fit inside a cake mold, line mold with plastic wrap, put one circle in the mold, fill with mousse and plonk the second circle on top,
Press, freeze and unmold the next day, work with it frozen for ease of handling.
The plastic wrap makes it easy to yank the cake from the mold. Or just use a springform mold.
Finish with whipped cream.
Dacquise is a good recipe for the almond meringue, its very similar to macaron recipes and texture.
Very simple to make. use almond flour.
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