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Hanky Fairy with Mo - BSG (1 Viewer)

As a lovely start to the New Year, we were given a demonstration on how to make this Hanky Fairy by Mo.

Hanky Fairy2 (Medium).jpg

Mo's inspiration was taken from the Handkerchief Fairy cards that are currently on the market, and she tweaked them into edible 2D & 3D creations, as shown on the above cake.

The skirt of the topper is a play on the hanky design on the below cards.

Handkerchief Cards (Medium).jpg

We watched as she demonstrated how to make the fairy step by step and gave us alternatives of how to make patterns and how to adapt the fairy to our own tastes.

It was an enjoyable way to start the year, and more techniques were mastered on the day. I was even lucky enough to take the Fairy home. Angelica now takes pride of place on my side.

Mo was a brilliant instructor, sharing insights into her journey of cake decorating and reiterating what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

These are a few of the toppers and plaques Mo has made previously. She also submits her work for competitions and has won a Silver Award for some of her past work. I think you will agree she makes some beautiful pieces and I do hope that she eventually achieves 'Gold'.

Mo Creations - BSG (Medium).jpg

If you are interested in cake decorating and would like to find your own local branch meetings. Then please use the link below.

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