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Watched this over the weekend, it was alright. Didn't realise how long it was on for though so I'm glad we watched it in stages. :wink:
We did Movie Day, me and Han that is, not Movie Night, but this is so good.

Joan, you'll like this because it's a bit Harry Potter-esque. There's a book series, and they'll definitely be another film. Han's watched it twice so far she enjoyed it that much.

I chose the shortest trailer so as not to add too many spoilers.

Did either of you like the original West Side Story? Have you seen the remake? I loved the original, but must say the remake is even better

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I've never seen it, but I've just watched the new trailer, and it looks really good. Han says her friend wants her to watch it. Thanks for the recommendation.
I've never seen the original but intended to put it on my list of films to watch and the odd bits I've seen about the sequel makes me want to see that as well.
I like quite a few older musicals. After West Side Story, Fiddler On The Roof is best, somewhat bittersweet. South Pacific as well. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, The Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie...all good :wink:

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Fiddler on the Roof is good and I loved Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and South Pacific, I have them on DVD. I've not seen the others but I do like a good musical. :loveit:
Where's Grease in all this? 😍

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I so know you're singing right now! :lmao:
I don't think I've actually seen it all the way through, seen lots of trailers about it though.

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