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It looks interesting, I'll keep it in mind for when I've nothing else to watch. I've watched some Si-Fi but it's not something I'd pick first.
Well, this afternoon I watched The Lion King, the new one, I'd already seen the original and wanted to see this one. I enjoyed it and having real animals rather than animated ones was a real treat.

I'm looking forward to the new Harry Potter film coming out so I can buy that, I've seen it advertised but can't remember when it will be in cinemas but no doubt it will be advertised again nearer the time.
Ooh, I remember seeing a bit of a trailer for this a while ago, but I've never seen it. However, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Is the new Harry Potter the Dumbledore one?

Yes, that's the one, I think there is another one as well but not sure, The Cursed Child. I don't know if that is a new film or part of something else.
Finally watched this...loved it, not as much as the first one but still loved it.

The last couple of films I've watched have been, Downton Abbey: A New Era and the Secrets of Dumbledore.

I have a few of the Jurassic Park films downloaded, I've watched the first 2, I had those on VHS, but never got around to any of the others. :D
VHS! Lol! Not heard that in a while. I think the new Jurassic Park will be on our radar at some point. The Secrets of Dumbledore will be for Han. 😊
Lol! I think I have one video, which is the Aerosmith Big One's Vid, but other than that, I have none. I got rid of all my tapes and CDs years ago when John said they were obsolete, then what do you know they all came back into fashion, and I'd binned them all. :eyeroll: I still have some vinyls, though. :star:
I got rid of my VHS films and I don't have anything to play them on now anyway. I've just got DVDs and a BluRay/DVD player, I've never bought any BluRay discs though. Kelly had all my vinyl records, 45, and LPs.