terrys chocolate orange

  1. Angie

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Highland Cow

    To get into the festive spirit, I have created another Terry's chocolate orange character, albeit this time a festive Highland Cow. 🎄 Now I know that cows aren't typically Christmas related but having recently seen lots of things in stores and on the internet relating to Highland cows, I...
  2. Angie

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Ghost and Pumpkins

    As we are back on seasonal themes and with Halloween coming up, I recently made this Terry's Chocolate Orange Ghost and Pumpkins. The body of the ghost is made from Terry's Chocolate Orange, and the remainder is made from Icing/Fondant. Because my orange had split, I placed a small piece...
  3. Angie

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Christmas Bobble Hats

    If you want to get into the festivities and it's looking a little cold outside then why don't you look at creating your own edible bobble hats? All you'll need are a Terry's Chocolate Orange, plain cupcakes, knitted moulds and some fondant icing. These are great gifts for the festive season...