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Happy Birthday Joan! (1 Viewer)

Happy Birthday Joan, have a wonderfully happy day. [emoji512] xxx

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With all your known shenanigans a quiet day should be desirable shouldn't it? [emoji87] Are the kids coming over to see you?

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No, Kelly phoned earlier to get the kids to wish me a Happy Birthday, well Caia did the boys weren't around.
John's out shopping and then he's got a job to do at Kelly's and I've been doing accounts, phoned just rang, Kelly to tell me John was on his way home with a scone for me to try that she'd just baked.
She'd not done these particular ones before, so I'm the guinea pig :D
It usually is. [emoji23] How was the scone?

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It was very tasty, apparently it was a savoury veggie scone with cheese on top. She said it had mixed veg and swede and as she didn't have any veg left she used a tin of mixed veg and some mashed swede in it then the cheese was melted on top while they were cooking.

I got it a bit squashed as she'd put in her dad's gilet pocket just before he came home, so it was there while he drove home then he sat down in his chair and realised it was there. She'd wrapped it in a serviette then baking foil. :D
Sounds like a bubble and squeak scone. I wonder what Bill will make of that. [emoji23]

Either way I'm glad you liked it.

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Ah ha he ha that's one way of looking at it I suppose. Bubble and squeak is taking the left overs of a roast dinner or what we would call Sunday Dinner and throwing it in a frying pan. All the veg, potatoes and meat would be browned in the pan and then served on a plate with sauce.

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