1. S

    Baking with Caramel

    So I made a nice salted caramel sauce which I used to make cupcakes. I made a vanilla cake mix and I wanted to do a marble effect with the caramel however when they finished baking, the caramel sunk to the bottom making the bottom of the cupcake all mushy. Although still tasted good, it was...
  2. Angie

    Baking Flavour Combinations - Pt 2

    Adding multiple flavours or a mixture of ingredients into cakes and bakes can create something magnificent, so with that in mind and carrying on from my recent post relating to flavour combinations, here are a few more for you to look at. The lists below are there to help you work out what...
  3. B

    Raspberry tarts

    Hi Angie, me again, I want to make small raspberry tarts with a gel glaze, just like the popular strawberry ones. My question is what is best in the bottom of the pastry case, fresh cream or buttercream. They will be in the chiller of a retail shop for up to 4 days. Thanks, hope you are keeping...
  4. Angie

    Baking Flavour Combinations

    If you're looking at making some flavoursome bakes or want to upgrade some of your old recipes, then why not check out some of these flavour combinations? If you're looking for summer vibes, then any citrus fruit will give you that tangy zingy flavour that you have been looking for. Lime and...