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Kitchen Craft Sweetly Does It Moustache Silicone Lollipop Mould Review (1 Viewer)


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This moustache silicone mould is made by Kitchen Craft and comes from their Sweetly does it range. The mould is made of good quality silicone and there are two moustache designs within it.

The pack does include six small lollipop sticks that are 3mm thick and 7.4cm in length which are disposable after use. However, I chose to use some thicker and longer sticks for my moustaches that I had previously bought from Amazon.

The mould size is approx 24cm in length x 9.5cm across. The moustache sizes are approx 6.5cm – 7cm in length and are 1cm in thickness. There are also grooves in the moulds to create a lifelike moustache pattern...
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