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They're trying to force Americans to stay home but even the dept of Justice said its illegal to place people under house arrest unless directed by a judge, so its just not flying. Mass protests everywhere.
They're such a bunch of anarchists in the best of times.

I rarely went out during winter anyway, my lifestyle hasn't changed one bit.
But if they tell me I can't go out I'll be out there yelling about my freedom,
wait... I think I saw a moscuito, better go back indoors.

retired pastrychef

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They aren't stupid, people will start venturing out slowly.
some police forces and sheriffs are refusing to enforce lockdown laws.
We got 5 inches of snow yesterday, no-one wants to go out anyway, its currently -4 C outside.

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We're still on lockdown and as much as I don't like it, it is reducing the number of casualties so I'll take it. We have such beautiful weather at the minute too.

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I saw that when the panic buying first started and thought it was funny then and thought to myself it serves them right. 🤣