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Yeah, but for Tea it has to be Decaf and Tetley's for a proper brew! No tea leaves and certainly no leaving any sort of tea bag in the cup when you drink it. That's just wrong on soooooooooo many levels.

This is how you make tea...:loveit:

1. Put the tea bag and sugar into the cup.
2. Pour the hot water three-quarters into the cup.
3. Stir the tea bag around quickly, remove the teaspoon and allow the teabag to spin and distribute flavour in the hot water whilst you get the milk out of the fridge.
4. Squeeze the teabag up the side of the glass to squeeze out excess water and flavour, then bin it.
5. Pour in a good amount of milk.
6. Stir again, then drink slowly and savour.

None of this dangling a teabag over the edge of the cup nonsense. :lmao:

So now your tea etiquette is up-to-date back to the last letter game. :cool:

...Drink 🍵

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