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No, I've never had a passport either. Never been in a position to be able to afford that kind of holiday, never had many holidays full stop.
I've always been a man myself...

I've never been out of the country though

A Guy

Lol! It took me a second then! 🤣

No way, I know with Americans you generally drive across states and have so much at your disposal that you don't need to go abroad, but I didn't realise you hadn't, Joan. John took me on my first holiday abroad; I'd never so much as been on a plane until then. We did camping holidays as kids now and again but not very often.
Like Bill I've never been out of the country, the only time I've left the mainland was the first holiday with John just before we got married in 1976, went on the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick on Arran, we took my eldest daughter with us, trouble was she'd broken her arm playing with friends a couple of weeks before we went. 🙄
Aww, the poor frog. I'm not sure why you'd hold it that high up, considering how small it is. I remember when we did the old garden, and I spent ages letting all the frogs go. Some were as tiny as the end of my finger. I built pathways and mud mountains for them to jump onto to help them get out of the base; it was fun watching them escape. I also screamed like a girl at times because I tried getting some in a bucket but some of them jumped right at me. Those were bigger, of course. 😂
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