1. Angie

    Choc Chip Half and Half Wholemeal Brownies

    Alas, another chocolate-filled treat! So why not indulge in these delectable chocolate chip brownies brimming with an irresistible blend of half-and-half goodness? The brownies not only taste fudgy but are filled with sumptuous chocolate and can be devoured hot, cold or à la mode! However you...
  2. Angie

    Madeira Golden Wholegrain Half and Half Cake

    Sticking with the healthier bakes again, I have opted to use Marriage's Golden Wholegrain Flour this time to see how it fared against the Allinson's Wholemeal Flour I have been experimenting with. Upon opening the golden flour, I noticed it had a crumblier texture to that of the whole grain...
  3. Angie

    Chocolate Wholemeal Half and Half Cake Tutorial

    This chocolate cake is probably one of the nicest I've ever made. It's super moist, has an irresistible lightness and fluffiness to it, and has so much fibre-y goodness that it even persuaded my husband to indulge in a second slice! In keeping with my half-and-half technique, I've again...
  4. Angie

    Orange Wholemeal Half and Half Loaf Tutorial

    I'm back on the healthier half-and-half baking again, and this time, I've made a yummy citrus Orange Wholemeal half-and-half loaf for you to have a go at. This cake was a bit of a mixed bag. Initially, I'd use the creaming method and mix the ingredients in stages. However, I only creamed the...
  5. Angie

    Lemon Wholemeal Half and Half Squares Bars

    Introducing another addition to my half-and-half cake series - Lemon Square Bars. These delightful citrus-infused square/bars ooze lemon flavours and are complemented by the generous incorporation of milk in the recipe. The result? They have a wonderfully airy texture similar to that of a très...
  6. Angie

    Wholemeal Victoria Sponge Half and Half Cake Tutorial

    At my husband's request, I've recently created this delectable half-and-half wholemeal Victoria sponge cake. Not only does it infuse your diet with fabulous fibre, but it's also light and fluffy too! Dubbed the "half and half" cake due to the blend of Half Wholemeal Self-Raising Flour and Half...