1. B

    Raspberry tarts

    Hi Angie, me again, I want to make small raspberry tarts with a gel glaze, just like the popular strawberry ones. My question is what is best in the bottom of the pastry case, fresh cream or buttercream. They will be in the chiller of a retail shop for up to 4 days. Thanks, hope you are keeping...
  2. jane vaughan

    raspberry fluff cheesecake problem

    im trying to make a raspberry fluff cheesecake following a recipe by Maxine Clark & am not too sure about part of the recipe. The list of ingredients states 1 pack of jelly made up to manafacturers inst but then it says to cut the jelly into chunks to mix with evaporated milk. If i follow...
  3. Jessica's mum

    Apple, blackberry and raspberry crumble

    Comfort food at it's best - a lovely apple, blackberry and raspberry crumble I made on Saturday and served with custard. The crumble had oats added which made it nice and crunchy and the blackberries were hand-picked late September and then frozen. Pure indulgence :)