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Thanks to Nicola and Judith, we're back on with the meetings again this year, and luckily they asked Neil McGrath to start us off with an array of chocolatey treats.

This chocolate tulip mousse dessert was just one of the products that Neil showed us how to re-create, and we also got to taste test a few items too.

The tulip was made from white and dark chocolate, mousse, a dusting of cocoa powder and a white chocolate transfer disc.

BSG - Choc with Neil (1) (Medium).jpg

Neil demonstrated how to make white chocolate hearts with transfer sheets.

BSG - Choc with Neil 2 (Medium).jpg

This was the finished article and in keeping with a Valentine's day treat.

BSG - Choc with Neil 3 (Medium).jpg

He then made some Florentine chocolate bark with nuts and dried fruits.

BSG - Choc with Neil 4 (Medium).jpg

These were then cut into discs which can be used as gifts, a decorative element on a dessert, or for a mini treat.

BSG choc with Neil 6 (Medium).jpg

Neil then showed us how to make Chocolate Salami which is something that I hadn't heard of.

BSG - Choc with Neil 8 (Medium).jpg

Once made and set, it was cut into discs and passed around the meeting for us to taste.

BSG choc with Neil 7 (Medium).jpg

These were some of the truffles he had pre-made and something he had shown us previously how to make.

BSG choc with Neil 5 (Medium).jpg

Overall it was a great way to kick the meetings back off and learn a few chocolate tips along the way. Thank you, ladies and of course, to Neil and his lovely assistant.

I look forward to next month's meeting when we get to make a few things of our own.

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