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What's your favourite Christmas Movies? (1 Viewer)


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This has got to be one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies ever! I love it!

I've never actually seen it, I don't have a favourite film really and will just watch whatever takes my fancy at the time. :D
There was a question on Twitter the other day asking if Die Hard was, in fact, a Christmas Movie. I immediately replied yes, I don't think Christmas is Christmas without it.

I've never seen the Grinch Sleigh, my other favourite is...

I found it on Sky for free, so I've downloaded it before it ends up in the rent section.

My newest movie find is this, Joan you'll love it it's by Harry Potteresque people. We watched it on Netflix over the weekend, and it was fabulous!

I'll look at that trailer later, got to go and sort out the food for the pigs and the bird food so no time now. I don't have Netflix it's not something we're prepared to pay for as we have enough channels to watch without paying any more, can't afford to pay any more anyway. :)
Lol, busy old you as always! It's really good, you'll have to sneak over to somebody who does have it and watch it at their house. :wink:
Because the above vid says Pt1 does that mean you're going to post them in instalments for me? :D

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