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What is the reverse creaming method? (1 Viewer)

In baking, there are two ways in which we can mix butter into a cake batter. The first is using the creaming method, and the second is by a technique known as the reverse creaming method.


The creaming method is when you beat the butter and sugar together, whereas the reverse creaming method requires you to combine the (solid) butter with the dry ingredients instead.

Reverse Creaming Method
  • Combine the dry ingredients first, including the sugar in one bowl.
  • Then mix the wet ingredients except for the butter in another bowl.
  • Now slowly add the sliced butter (fats) to the dry ingredients and a little of the wet (liquid) ingredients.
  • Then add the remainder of the liquids.
Reverse Creaming Notes
  • Ensure the butter is soft enough to hold its shape and leave an indentation with your finger.
  • When adding the butter to the dry mixture, ensure you coat it thoroughly so that when you add the liquids, it will minimise gluten development.
  • By adding a small amount of the liquid to the dry ingredients and butter mixture, it will help to combine the two more cohesively.
  • Stop mixing when it becomes crumbly if you continue to beat it you run the risk of it forming clumps and having a much denser cake.
Overall Cake Results

The creaming method will give you a fluffy cake with a slight dome, whereas the reverse creaming method will provide you with a velvety textured level cake instead. The latter will also give you a more delicate crumb.

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