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What is the creaming method? (1 Viewer)

The creaming method is essentially blending butter and granulated or caster sugar together and then adding additional ingredients to your mix one at a time in stages.

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This is an excellent baking method as it allows you to methodically go through a recipe and create your cake in stages.

1. Firstly, and most importantly, you would cream together your butter and sugar; you would do this by using a wooden spoon, a hand whisk or a kitchen aid. By mixing the butter and sugar together, you create air pockets; these pockets of air become trapped when the butter surrounds the sugar crystals and creates natural aeration in your mix without using a raising agent.

The more you whisk at this stage, the more air you trap, the lighter your mixture becomes, and the more light and fluffy your cake or cupcakes will be. Using a handheld electric whisk helps me determine how much air I have added to my mix as I can visually see the colour change. The paler the yellow, the more air that you have incorporated into your mix.

2. I would then add eggs into my mix one at a time and beat on a moderate speed until they have absorbed into my mix. This does not take very long.

3. I would then sieve in my flour and mix until the batter had combined thoroughly.

4. I would then place the mixture in cupcake cases or sandwich tins and then bake.

TIP: When doing the creaming method, try and ensure that all your ingredients are at room temperature if you can, as this gives better aeration in the mixture and provides you with the best results.

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