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What is Confectioners Glaze used for? (1 Viewer)

Confectioners glaze is an edible varnish that can be painted onto sugar flowers, models and decorations to give them a shiny, high gloss finish.

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Although the glaze appears brown in colour, it does actually dry clear.

Confectioners Glaze - Help Me Bake.jpg

How to use:
  • To get the best results always apply using a paintbrush and ensure that you have a protective cover on your work surface for any spillage. If you do use paintbrushes either use very cheap disposable ones or if not then please see the following tip:
How to remove confectioners glaze from brushes?
  • Rub some washing up liquid into the bristles before you try and wash out the glaze. If you don't, the glaze will not remove from the bristles properly, and this can potentially ruin your brushes.
  • Never use confectioners glaze in an airbrush as it may clog the machine.
  • Do not pour it down the sink either; mop up any excess with kitchen towel and place in the bin.
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