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What is a cake comb? (1 Viewer)

A cake comb is a decorating tool with a straight edge or ridges (teeth) that allows you to apply patterns or straight edges on a buttercream or frosted cake. There are multiple ones to choose from, and the results you can get from them are endless.

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Not only can they create patterns or straight edges, but they can also be used for cutting dough and incorporating ingredients together, so you don't have to get your hands dirty.

They are usually made from metal, plastic, and acrylic and help create ripples, lines and texture to your cakes.

When using them, ensure you have a thick coating of buttercream on the cake so that when you scrape around the buttercream/frosting, it won't drag into your cake.

Other names they are known by are:​

  • Decorating Comb
  • Icing Comb
  • Patterned Edge Side Scrapers
  • Baking Scrapers
  • Cake Scrapers
  • Edge Smoothers

If you haven't got a cake comb, you can make your own by cutting a paper plate in half, cutting serrations into the plate, and cutting a 90-degree angle on the plate to give you a straight surface to work with when scoring around the edges of your cake. If you want a straight edge, just cut the plate in half and then cut a 90-degree angle for where the base would be.

Please note that cake combs should not be confused with a Cake Cutter Comb which is used to cut very soft sponges.

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