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Lol! I thought I was in the 'keep one change one game' there for a minute! 🤣

OK here, had a very nice young man around today, he was doing a survey to find eligible people to have loft insulations done under a government scheme, part of that insulating homes. The landlord wasn't available at the time to ask him about it but he came back a bit later to say he'd spoken to his wife and was sure he'd be agreeable to having it done.

At present my loft has very thick fibreglass insulation but apparently this would be changed to something better and not as damaging as there at the moment. It will be done next month if the landlord gives his permission, I'm sure he will.

That would be good especially if it gets updated and keeps you nice and toastie for winter. I'm not quite sure what they use these days. I remember as a kid we had fibreglass, and I've seen on TV they use expanding foam or foam blocks. John even mentioned lambswool! I never heard of that one.

If the landlord gives the go ahead, will it get done relatively quickly?


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Well the man who came to do the survey booked it for the 28th of next month preliminary, depending on the landlord's verdict.

The landlord phoned me this morning about it and was rather sceptical about it, I said well I've got his number so I can just phone him and tell him not to bother.

He said to leave it with him for a while while he checks things out as he has been told that what is there now is more than adequate and nobody goes in the loft, I don't have anything stored up there. I think he wanted to find out what would actually be put in place of the fibreglass as he didn't want perfectly good insulation taking out and inferior stuff put back.

I'll just wait and see. :rolleyes: