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Squid Game Cupcake Toppers Tutorial (1 Viewer)

For all you Squid Game Fans out there, here are some cupcake toppers for you to have a go at. I must confess I've never seen it, but my daughter raves about it and seeing as it's one of the most talked-about shows on Netflix, it was definitely worth putting these together.

Squid Game Cupcake Toppers by Help Me Bake 1.jpg

My daughter came up with the designs, and I then made them on my dummy cupcakes. If you'd like to know how I made them, please find a mini-tutorial below showing you what tools and colours I used on the Squid Game Cupcake Toppers. They're relatively easy to make, and I'm sure the teenagers will love them!

Squid Game Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

Red and Blue Ddakji Folded Tiles

Squid Game Cupcake Toppers by Help Me Bake 2.jpg
  • I used a small square cutter to cut out and make the indent for the folded tiles.
  • The tile colours were Renshaw Poppy Red and Baby Blue, and then for the background, I used Grey Icing to represent the train station.

Invitation Card

Squid Game cupcake Toppers by Help Me Bake 3.jpg
  • I mixed Renshaw Latte, Yellow and Dark Brown together to come up with the beige colour.
  • I used a small circle, triangle and square cutter for the rough indentations.
  • They were then outlined by my daughter with a thin-tipped paintbrush in Sugarflair Black Extra Dye.
  • Then dusted using a soft paintbrush and Edible Midnight Black Lustre Dust to make it look authentic.

Red Light, Green Light Mugunghwa Doll Dress

Squid Game Cupcake Toppers by Help Me Bake 4.jpg
  • I used Renshaw Yellow Icing for the base & collar and then Renshaw Tiger Orange for the dress.
  • The bobble section of the Christmas Hat cutter was used to make the collar and cut to size.
  • Next, I used the palette knife to cut the sides of the dress and the rectangle cutter for the top.

Squid Game Cupcake Toppers by Help Me Bake 5.jpg
  • I used Renshaw Baby Pink Icing for the bow and the palette knife for the pink strips.
  • For the base, I used Renshaw Jet Black Icing.
  • The ribbon mould is from Marvellous Molds; this was then cut into shape and scored using a Dresden tool to give it more definition.

And there you have it four different Squid Game Cupcake toppers for you to try. Enjoy! 👩‍🍳

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Like you, I'd never seen or heard of it either, I don't have Netflix. I like what you've done, even though I've no idea what they are. :D

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