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Rainbow Birthday Cake (1 Viewer)

Well here it is... the rainbow birthday cake for our granddaughter's 5th birthday yesterday.

It's five layers of vanilla sponge, coloured with concentrated pastes, vanilla buttercream in between the layers and crumb coat, milk chocolate buttercream for the icing, dark chocolate ganache for topping and drip. Also topped with maltesers as requested, plus sprinkles.


The longest drip broke in transport, can just see where it was.

In all the excitement, we forgot to take a picture when we cut it open, so I had to grab an image on a plate before it was eaten completely. Gives you an idea of the layers.



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How wonderful, you've done a brilliant job there and I'm sure everyone thought it was as delicious as it looks.
I expect your granddaughter was thrilled with it. So what's the next order for? :D


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Fabulous! I bet your granddaughter loved it, especially with the Malteser inclusion. 😊Lol! I always end up doing that, getting last minute photos; well, at least you managed it so that we could see. The layers look great, and the colours are really vibrant.

A note to mention, (sacred rule) never reveal the flaws of a cake. 🤐 Make a mental note for yourself, but most people wouldn't have noticed, so never point them out. 😁

The drip looks great, as does the overall covering; I bet you you're thrilled with how it turned out. Now for the other granddaughter's request. 🎂


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Thanks for the feedback everyone, very pleased how it came out and surprised how far I've come with baking in three months.

Now for the other granddaughter's request. 🎂
Oh yes, granddaughter number 2 has already got her order in and of course wants something better than her sister :astonished:🙈 🤣