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Ok really need some advice please. No matter what recipe myself and my sister use our cakes never turn out. All I want is a simple Victoria sandwich but they never rise, or are greasy or dry. The last one rose to one inch 😮 we've checked the following

Oven temperature
Measurements including scales
Ingredients ate room temperature
What can I do?
Fed up with using packet mixes as they turn out fine.
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Hi Sue, aww bless you, there is nothing worse than when a cake doesn't go to plan, but I promise you will get there. After looking over the list of checks you have made, can I ask you the following to get a better idea of what you are doing with your Victoria Sandwich?

Are you using the all in one method? By that I mean are you putting all the ingredients into a bowl and then just mixing it?
Are you using a normal whisk (as in one that you use manually) or electric whisk or a stand mixer?
Are you using a raising agent in your Victoria Sponge Recipe?
How long are you baking for and on what temp?
Are you using gas or elec?

I have a recipe for a tried and tested Victoria sponge so I'll gladly give you the recipe for it, but I'm interested in finding out the method and how you are making it to see if I can advise you going forward.

Kind regards

We shall try and get to the bottom of why your cakes aren't going to plan but here is a link to my Victoria Sandwich Tutorial.

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Suggestions for you, so you preheat the oven and ensure it is at temperature before baking.

Only use butter or margarine, a Victoria Sponge doesn't really need baking fat. Be careful not to use too much when you grease your tins as this can cause added greasiness.

To get the best rise out of a cake either use a handheld whisk or the stand mixer. Manually whisking won't give you the rise that an electric whisk will because you can't beat as fast as a mixer/whisk can.

Bake on the middle shelf if you have an electric fan oven if not use on the shelf that the recipe advises.

Dryness of a cake is due to it being baked for too long (or too high a temperature) so try turning the temp down a little and keep your eye on it.

I usually bake my victoria sponges for 20-25 mins, I now have a larger capacity oven so bake it for approximately 22 mins in a normal sized oven I would do it for 25 mins.

If using sr (self-raising flour), you shouldn't need an additional raising agent.
I swear by the recipe I gave you the link to, I use it and modify it to make a lot of my bakes, and it always works wonders. I'm hoping with a few changes we can get you sorted, and you'll be whipping up beautiful bakes in no time. 👩‍🍳😊

Also, make sure that with the recipe you either stick to either grams or ounces and do not mix between the two. I always use 150 grams of butter, sugar and flour and then use 3 medium eggs.

Oh yeah, while I think on, if you have added a rasing agent to your mixture sometimes they need to be placed in the oven straight away because the science reaction is taking place so if for any reason you are leaving them on the side for a little while this can also be the cause of your cake not rising.

Sorry to overload you with info but I'm trying to cover all the bases for you. 😊
You're most welcome Sue, ah ok, I suspect then the greasiness will probably be coming from too much fat in your recipe or being too thin/oily when incorporated.

Good luck! 🤞😊
That's excellent news, the sizes of each layer of cake look fine for a Victoria Sponge. Well done guys I'm really pleased for you. 😍

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