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PME Infinity Multicutter Review - Thin Stripes Set of 2 (1 Viewer)

Always on the lookout for new decorating tools, I came across these PME Inifinity Multicutters recently and thought I would give them a whirl.

Now I do have similar cutters by a different brand. However, these are larger than the ones I have, and add to that, there are two different sizes in the packet; they were definitely worth a try.

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Product Care/Instructions​

There are no product care instructions on the packaging. However, I washed these in hot soapy water and allowed them to air dry before use.​
The only information listed on the front of the packaging is the name Infinity Multicutter and the word 'Thin', and then Strip Cutter & Stamp underneath. These are the thin range, as they also do another set called Thick which has wider cutters in it.​


The sizes of the cutters are clearly listed on the back of the packaging.
  • The smallest cutter is approx 13 cm long x 7 cm wide.
  • The stripe has a width of approximately 0.8 cm.
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  • The larger cutter is again 13 cm x 7 cm wide.
  • This has a stripe width of approximately 1.2 cm.


  • The small stripe cutter makes seven stripes at a time.
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  • Whereas the larger stripe cutter makes five stripes at a time.
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  • The Infinity Multicutters are made from Food-Grade ABS Plastic.
  • They feel very strong and sturdy when being used.
  • They wash and dry really well in hot soapy water. *(I haven't tried them in the dishwasher yet, but I will try and let you know how they turn out).
  • They're light blue in colour.
  • They glide back and forth on the silicone mat when scoring the icing/fondant.
  • To make longer stripes ensure you use modelling paste or icing/fondant with tylo. I did try to make longer stripes with normal icing and they didn't turn out that well so I used modelling paste and they worked out much better albeit a little rough. I think once you get the knack of the 'extended glide' you would be fine but I had to score the lines with a knife afterwards to split the longer stripes up.
  • They are wide/deep enough to allow a soft paintbrush to be inserted into the end. This would help prevent fingermarks and shape distortion when removing the stripe from the cutter.
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* (I washed them on the top shelf of my dishwasher this evening, and they came out fine).​


  • The stripe cutter makes multiple stripes.
  • These can remain straight or be bent to make wavy lines.
  • You can make numerous stripes quickly and easily, saving time.
  • They can be used with modelling paste, sugarpaste, flower paste, marzipan etc.


Overall I do like the cutters. They are good quality, provide multiple stripes and have a wide edge allowing easy removal. I didn't even have to use any icing sugar or cornflour for dusting when making the regular size and just used regular icing/fondant to see how they would fair. I do like the cutters and would recommend them.​

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