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Oatmeal lace cookies help (1 Viewer)

What kind of oats are used in oatmeal lace cookies? Quick or old-fashioned? How long can they be stored? Thanks, Pamela!
Hi Pamela, It all depends on personal preference; rolled oats (old-fashioned) would be the most common to use, but you can also use quick oats, although these might be a bit fragile and not give you the texture you are looking for. You could also try thick-cut rolled oats such as Bob's Red Mill Oats as a possible other alternative, which may give you more of a crunchier texture.

You could also add a touch of chocolate to them if you want to make them a little more luxurious.

The cookies will be best on the day they are made but will last up to a week in a sealed container with parchment. Ensure you keep them away from moisture. If you add chocolate to them, they will last up to 3 days.
You're most welcome, Pamela. As for freezing, yes, you can freeze them for up to 1-2 months if you want to. I hope this helps.

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