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Not so superhero, more like Olive On the Buses, perhaps? (1 Viewer)

So these are some more of my creations that didn't quite make the cut.

This was my attempt at trying to make a feminine version of my superhero toppers, however, she's more hair and glasses than anything else. Add to that, I couldn't get her hair to swish the way I wanted it to, and she definitely wasn't giving me the superhero vibe.

1 (Medium).jpg

So queue round two, whereby I changed her hair, put the mask front and centre, and we end up with 'Olive On the Buses' rather than a kick-butt superhero!

2 (Medium).jpg

I think because her hair is now black and straight, she looks like she's wearing a helmet and has just got off a sidecar hence my Olive on the Buses reference (ask your parents if you don't get me). 😂

Although I think she's cute, I don't think she'll be fighting off any supervillains anytime soon, so for now, she'll just have to go back to the creative drawing board.

She makes me chuckle though. 😁

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