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I watched quite a few Christmas movies, so here goes with those.

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Most recent was Jerry and Marge Go Large, which is not one of our normal run-of-the-mill films, but it's based on a true story, and I love those kind of films. I love Bryan Cranston, too, ever since Malcolm in the Middle, and Breaking Bad so I thought it would be worth the watch.

Really enjoyed it.
I haven't seen the original, but I'm not a great lover of film musicals other than Grease although I did really enjoy Spirited. It's when they start singing every other word and then singing about buying a loaf of bread or eating their tea I just can't follow it. I much prefer seeing that at the theatre.

We're going to see Hamilton in a few weeks so there'll be plenty of singing in that so Han tells me. 😊
It was a cross between quite a few movies that I'd seen. Italian Job, James Bond, Ocean's whatever number you want. It didn't wow me, but it wasn't terrible either. It was quite a good filler, and I liked the length of the movie. Overall, I liked it. Maybe the subdued bit is what's throwing me. I'm used to seeing Kevin Hart being funny, so maybe that's why it wasn't that believable, and the team didn't gel like they do in other movies, even though I liked the characters. I did enjoy it nonetheless, and it was a new movie, so yeah, thumbs up from me.
Yeah, I saw the advert a while back and completely forgot about it. We were then looking for a movie to watch the other day, and I came back across it so we watched it. Good film.

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