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Mini Wooden Hammer/Mallet Review (1 Viewer)

These miniature wooden hammers came in very handy when making my Smashable Hearts for Valentine's Day. So after perusing the internet for a while, I finally settled on these.

Mini Wooden Hammer Review by Help Me Bake.jpg


The brand I chose was the Toyandona - 12 Pce Mini Wooden Hammer/Mallets - Style 2.


The mini hammers arrived in a small plastic parcel bag.


There were 12 miniature hammers in the packet.


The hammers are made from smooth, sturdy wood. (Please note that the hammer's head is slightly smoother than the handle).


The handle of the hammer sits on a slight diagonal angle to that of the head.


None were provided; however, I did wash them in hot soapy water, rinsed them and then left them to air dry on a wire rack to ensure they were clean before using.

  • Hammer Section - Approx Length Across is 3.7 cm x 2.3 cm wide.
2 Mini Wooden Hammer Review by Help Me Bake).jpg
  • Handle - Length 13 cm x 0.6 cm wide.
3 Mini Wooden Handle Length by Help Me Bake - Review.jpg
  • They sit perfectly upright in a 6 piece Cupcake Box
5 Mini Wooden Hammer Review by Help Me Bake Smashable Hearts Gift Box (Medium).jpg

  • Approximately 14 -15 grams per hammer.

According to the list online, these mini hammers can be used for any of the following:
  • Mini Hammers/Mallets
  • Crab/Lobster Seafood Hammers
  • Crafts
  • Party Favours
  • Smashable Hearts

If using the Mini Hammers with Sweet Treats or Cake Decoration like I have, then add a ribbon or buttons for additional flair.

4 Mini Wooden Hammer Review by Help Me Bake.jpg

Overall the hammers were the right size, weight and shape for what I needed.

Smashable Hearts by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

If you wish to purchase these Mini Hammers or something similar, then you can order them from the following suppliers:

Buy from
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