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McVitie's Blissfuls (1 Viewer)

You'll be pleased to know that for 2022 McVitie's are back on the biscuit trail again, only this time with a delectable share bag!

Blissfuls, as they are called, will be available in your local Sainsbury's in two wonderful flavours and then from other retailers towards the end of January/February.

The flavours of each biscuit consist of Belgian Milk Chocolate and then either a Caramel or Hazelnut filling.

Mcvities Blissfuls (Medium).jpg

As the biscuits are marketed in a pouch and are more luxurious than daytime biscuits, McVitie's are hoping to tap into the nighttime share bag market.

So the next time you're with friends or have a movie night, be sure to keep them in mind.

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They sound delicious, although I wonder if they will be overly sweet, I tend to prefer dark chocolate than milk.


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I piqued Han's interest too. I think they're going for a luxury vibe, so they're more about the sharing aspect. I'm sure if you don't eat the entire packet to yourself in one sitting, you should be fine. I like milk chocolate, so I'm sure we shall try these at some point.