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Kids Corner – Birthday Cake surprise! (1 Viewer)

As you know it was recently my birthday, so Hannah decided as part of my present she would make me a cake. She then banished me from my own kitchen and proceeded with her plan; I was only allowed in to take a few photos!

Here she is in action!

birthday cake  (6).jpg

She's good to go with her instructions at the ready.

birthday cake  (2)-001.jpg

Setting up!

birthday cake prep (2).jpg

Phase 1 nearly complete.

birthday cake  (9).jpg

Baking completed.

birthday cake  (3).jpg

Now for cooling and decorations! This went a little pear-shaped as she broke one of the candles, lol!

birthday cake  (2).jpg

birthday cake  (5).jpg

Et Voila! The finished article, it was a lovely lemon sponge with a lemon curd filling, delicious.

birthday cake (2).jpg

birthday cake (10).jpg
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