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Cakesicles are the new trendy sweet treat that seem to be doing the rounds at the minute. Great for Weddings, Baby Showers, Mother's Day gifts, you name it Cakesicles fit the bill.

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What's a Cakesicle? (I hear you ask!)

They're a new take on the original cake pop! Not only do they look cute, but they're also filled with yummy fillings, too; they're actually a bigger version of a cake pop made in a popsicle mould, merge the two together, and voila, you have a Cakesicle.

What can you put inside a Cakesicle?

There are numerous filling you can put in the centre of a Cakesicle such as,
  • Cake Pop Filling - Crumbled Cake/Cupcakes & Buttercream
  • Cookies and Cream - Oreo Biscuits & Cream Cheese
  • Cheesecake Filling
  • Krispie Treats - Either Covered in Chocolate or Marshmallows
I put Krispie Treats in these.

Cakesicles by Help Me Bake (3).jpg

Cakesicle by Help Me Bake 4.jpg

How do you make Cakesicles?

They are relatively easy to make; all you'll need are the following:

  • Lollipop/Popsicle Mould
Cakesicle Mould by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg
  • Lollipop Sticks
Cakesicle Lollipop sticks by Help Me Bake.jpg
  • Sharp Knife
  • Candy Buttons/ Melts or Chocolate - Around 250 Grams / 284 Grams Depending on Bag or Chocolate Bar Size
  • Filling of your choice - If using Cupcakes, you'll probably need around three or four depending on your mould size, with around 75 grams of Buttercream.
  • Dyes - Optional - I used Colour Mill Dyes, which are oil-based, you can use other concentrated food dyes, but these will need to be used in conjunction with vegetable oil, so the buttons/chocolate doesn't seize.

1. Melt some of the chocolate or melts into a bowl/microwaveable dish. (If using dyes add a few drops here).

2. Spoon some of the melted chocolate/melts into each mould.

3. Hold the lollipop/popsicle mould with both hands and rotate it ensuring all the chocolate covers the surface, up the sides and around the base.

4. Push the lollipop/popsicle stick through the opening of the mould to ensure you pierce the coating, and there is space to place it later. Remove the lollipop/popsicle stick.

5. Place the mould in the fridge/freezer for around ten minutes to allow your first coat to set.

6. Now, make up your filling while the coat is setting, mix your ingredients in a bowl until it sticks together.

7. Remove the mould from the fridge/freezer. If you're happy with your first coat, then move on to stage 8; if you think it may be a little thin, repeat stages 1 to 5. Making sure all the mould is covered.

8. Lightly push your filling into the mould; ensure you leave around a 2 mm gap from the top of the rim to enable you to coat the back of the Cakesicle evenly without it overflowing...

9. Push your lollipop/popsicle sticks into each hole; make sure you only push them in around halfway up the mould.

10. Place back in the fridge/freezer for around 10 minutes while you prep the next batch of chocolate/ melts.

11. Melt some more chocolate or melts to cover the back of the Cakesicle, scoop onto the mould with a spoon, cover the filling fully and then scrape off any excess with an offset palette knife. Place back in the fridge/freezer for around 15 minutes to fully set.

12. Carefully remove from the fridge/freezer and then carefully hold the stick and peel the mould away.

13. Scrape off any excess chocolate that has set around the edges with a sharp knife.

Lolly Scrape Pic Cakesicles by Help Me Bake.png

14. Decorate as required.
  • Drizzle with Candy Buttons/Melts
  • Then add Sprinkles
  • Crushed up Fillings
  • Chocolate Stamps or
  • Fondant Decorations
15. Then Box and Gift.

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