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How do you thin Piping Gel? (1 Viewer)

I never needed to thin out piping gel until I made my most recent cake. The celebratory cake was made up of afternoon tea mini cakes and baking ingredients, and I required a thinner form of piping gel for my miniature strawberry tart to help make it look more authentic.

Strawberry Tart - Thinned Piping Gel by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

I initially tried using cold water, to no avail, as the gel just sat in blobs on top of the water. I then moved on to boiled water to see if that would alter the consistency, but again this just created the same blobby mess that the cold water did.

Piping Gel mixed with water by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

So then, going for third time lucky, I went ahead and used vodka; I added a small teaspoon of neat vodka to the piping gel, mixed them together with a spoon and et voilà, perfectly thinned piping gel. Now please note that it's not thinned to the extreme that it's like water, but it is thin enough to drip off the edge of a spoon, giving you the shine you are looking for and a thick enough consistency that it holds itself.

Thin Piping Gel by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

Overall I was very pleased with the results.

Strawberry Tart with thinned piping gel by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg
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