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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth - 1926 -2022 (1 Viewer)


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I am saddened by the news that our beloved Queen has passed away this afternoon.

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Her Majesty was an amazing lady who devoted her life to duty and service over a phenomenal 70-year reign. She was kind, funny, and a true inspiration to all that met her. She loved her country, and in return, the world loved her.

To a beautiful lady who was strong, respected, worked extremely hard and was a role model to all, you will be sadly missed.

Goodnight, your Majesty,

God Bless.

A sorrowful day indeed, she was a wonderful lady who kept her promise to the nation on her 21st birthday. She would devote her life however long or short to her people.

She will be missed by all, not only here but worldwide. :crys:
I watched Her Majesty's funeral today; I was in awe of the beautiful send-off she was given and the number of people that attended. She was loved by all, and may she finally rest in peace with her beloved. ❤️

Sweet dreams Ma'am.🌹
I watched it as well, it was a wonderful send-off for her and showed just how much she was loved and respected. I can't remember if it was a few million or billion across the world that had watched it.

It was wonderful to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte there, they were a credit to their parents. It was so sweet to see Charlotte telling her brother that he had to bow, she was definitely in charge bless her. :loveit:

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