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Hi I was wondering if someone can help me with gingerbread cookies.

I can make the dough easily, chill it and cut to shape but once I cook them they loose their shape. How can I stop this happening?

Rob Gingerbread Recipe.JPG
Hi Rob

If your oven is too high/too cold, then this can cause the dough to lose its shape and spread. If you're using a fan assisted oven, then drop the temp by 10 -20 degrees, the recipe you're using calls for the temp to be 180 degrees so try that and see if it solves the issue.

Hope this helps

Regards Angie 😊
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Hi angie do you know of the cut to shape and freeze for 10 minutes trick? Mainly does that work as well as I'm thinking I might try half batch your way and the other that.

Hi Rob

Yes, if you pre-cut the dough into shapes first and then freeze it, it can go directly into the oven and then baked from frozen. The cookies may take a little longer to cook; however, because the butter is frozen, it will bake and harden quicker as it hasn't had time to thaw and be less likely to spread. Make sure you use an oven thermometer to that way you know the oven is working at the optimum temperature.
Here is the recipe I use just in case you are looking for an alternative.

And here is another one of our members posted.

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The top one was cooked at 180 for 12 minutes as is but the bottom was frozen for 10 minutes then cooked at 180 for 10 minutes.
You can see the difference in the 2.

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Hi Rob, the top one looks fab, I think the bottom one is the temp, for that I think you need to up it because it's taking too long for the cookie to bake which is causing it to spread, either that or move it up a shelf so the heat penetrates and seals it/hardens it quicker. I also need to check if you put the frozen cookies onto a cold or warm baking tray?
Ok so if it's that cold then definitely up the temp. With the oven temp being the same as your regular baked cookies, the dough and tray are slowly acclimatising to the heat in the oven causing your butter to spread and the cookies to lose shape, rather than baking super fast and setting the cookie hard.

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