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Help Me Bake 10 Year Celebration Cake (1 Viewer)

So it's official, we're now celebrating 10 years! Whoop, whoop! So for that, I decided to make a cake.

01 Help Me Bake 10 Year Celebration Cake (Medium).jpg

Seeing as the site helps with cake baking and decorating, what better theme than to make all things cake and baking! Han got involved in this one and made a few items. She even made me a miniature edible version of my book, which I have put pride of place in the centre.

We had lots of fun making the ingredients and cake toppers, Han's incredibly proud of her whisk, and I love my strawberry tart. The cake went through many changes before we finally settled on the design. It originally started off on a shiny gold board and had a purple blanket on the top. But after a lot of trial and error, we finally settled on the above.

HMB Cake 1st Attempt (Medium).jpg

As the cake was a way to represent the things we do on the site, we made the following miniature afternoon tea edible decorations and baking ingredients.
  • On the board, we have the chocolate cake mixture in a bowl, icing, a rolling pin, rolled-out heart cookies, a whisk, butter and knife, a bowl of sugar, an egg, and some flour.
  • For the top of the cake, we made a large chocolate layer cake, a small sponge cake, chocolate roll and swiss roll, eclairs, doughnuts, cupcakes, a strawberry tart, a cornflake cake, some cookies and my book.
HMB Cake and Baking Themed Toppers (Medium).jpg

I wasn't happy with the reflective gold board, so I opted to change it to silver. I still felt that a touch of colour was missing on the top section, which is why I added a few purple polka dots to it. Overall I think everything stands out much better on the silver board, and the little congratulations topper finishes it off nicely.

02 Help Me Bake 10 Year Celebration Cake (Medium).jpg

Here's to another ten years! ❤️

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😍 🎉 Wow! I love it, I can't believe it's 10 years, I've just had a quick look and was quite surprised I've been here 9 years, no-way. o_O
Yes here's to the next 10, I'll try to stay around for them. :D


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Aww, thank you. :loveit: I can't believe it's been ten years, either, but here we are. :party: Yes, make sure you do stick around for them Mrs, I've got plenty going on to keep you busy. :wink: