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Harry Potter Cake - 2 Tier Slytherin Cake (1 Viewer)

So here we have it, the finished Harry Potter Slytherin Cake with edible Sorting Hat, Wand, Uniform, Robe and Scarf.

Harry Potter Cake By Help Me Bake 01.jpg

Han designed the cake and made the wand.

Harry Potter Cake by Help Me Bake Design.jpg

I made everything else.

The cake consists of a 5-inch and 7-inch Madeira cake. I filled the top tier with jam and the bottom tier with chocolate fudge icing as requested by the birthday girl. The cake colours used were white, grey, emerald green, and black icing from Renshaw. The 16-topper is made from black acrylic and was washed before being inserted into the cake.

To cover the board, I lightly marbled it using grey and white icing mixed together, and for the Sorting Hat, I mixed chocolate and brown icing and then dusted it with black lustre.

Harry Potter Cake by Help Me Bake 3.jpg

Overall, Han loves the cake, and it has now been demolished! 😁

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Wow! that cake looks gorgeous, Happy Birthday Hannah, I'm not surprised you loved it it looks delicious. 😘