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Han's Ladybird Topper (1 Viewer)

When I made my ladybirds, and ladybird cake Han decided she wanted to make her own. So after looking through the internet and bringing up lots of different pictures, she finally settled on this black and red version.

Han's Ladybird (Medium).jpg

She made it using Poppy Red & Jet Black Renshaw Icing and then painted the face using White Sugarflair Concentrated Dye.

Han's Ladybird Topper (Medium).jpg

When she'd finished that, she then went on to make this cute little strawberry while she had the icing and dye out.

Han's Strawberry (Medium)-001.jpg

I love it! 😍

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So do I, they look fantastic and she obviously follows in her Mum's footsteps with the creative flair. 😘

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