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Gingerbread Candy Cane Cake (1 Viewer)

This is literally hot off the press so much so; I haven't even finished cleaning the kitchen yet!

Gingerbread Cake with Dobla Candy Canes by Help Me Bake (Medium).jpg

Anyway, I need to get a picture posted as I've just put it on Twitter and tagged my lovelies over at Dawn Foods UK who provided me with the delicious Dobla Candy Canes. I will write up more when I get a second, but at least we have the picture for now.

...To be quite honest I wasn't going to make a Christmas themed cake this year, but when Dawn Foods sent me out the Candy Canes, I literally had to do something with them. My original idea was to do Green Buttercream Christmas Tree Cupcakes and place the Candy canes in the top, but then after a discussion with my daughter, we decided that the Gingerbread Men and Canes were the way to go.

Gingerbread Men
  • I made the Gingerbreads by dyeing white icing with Sugar flair concentrated chocolate coloured dye.
  • I cut them out with a small Gingerbread cookie cutter for the cake side and a slightly larger one for the top.
  • To make the indentations in the arms and legs, I used a Wiggly Triangle Cutter. (Not a technical term I know, but one that has the best description).
  • I used the same wiggly triangle cutter to make the Christmas Hats but used Renshaw Poppy Red Icing.
Wiggly Tree Cutter Medium.jpg

Ideally the red I used for the snowflakes and Christmas hats needed to be slightly darker to match the Candy Canes, but after struggling to get any kind of supplies before Christmas, I made do with what I had. (They look fine anyway!).

Dobla Candy Canes
  • These are a white chocolate Candy Canes printed with a red stripe.
  • I stuck these to the cake using a tiny amount of boiled water that had cooled.
Dobla Candy Canes.jpg

  • I used the smallest part of the Katy Sue Rope border mould to add a little definition to the cake base.
Katy Sue Rope Mould Review by Help Me Bake (Medium) (2).jpg

Overall I really like the cake because it makes me smile. I wanted to add more gingerbread men to the sides like a carousel of gingerbreads and candy canes, but I was concerned that the cake would look too busy, so I decided to spread them out instead.

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