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If you are looking at making some Garibaldi Biscuits, then be sure to check out these hints and tips before you bake.

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To ensure the best out of your Garibaldi Biscuits, try some of the following:-​

  • Roll the dough thin.
  • Chop fruit into small chunks, soak in juice and then heat and soften on the hob.
  • Drain the fruit in a sieve, and then pour onto a plate lined with kitchen towel. This removes any extra moisture and lets the fruit cool. If you don't, the biscuits will be soft and soggy when baked and more of a pudding consistency rather than a biscuit.
  • Chill the dough.
  • Split the dough in two, and roll it out into rectangles.
  • Place a dough layer, then a thin fruit layer, then another dough layer and sandwich together.
  • Cut the finished dough/fruit combo into small rectangles and bake.
  • You want a crisp biscuit, a slight bend in the middle and a thin line of fruit. It has to be quite solid so it holds its shape.
  • For a luxury biscuit, add melted chocolate to them.
If you would like to make a batch, then check out Prue Leith's recipe for them: Garibaldi Biscuits

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