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FMM Splat Shape Cutter Review (1 Viewer)

Here are the two-pack splat shape cutters by FMM. These are great for a multitude of projects and very easy to use. So if you're looking for a unique splash shape/paint splatter in super quick time, then it's worth checking out the following review.

Product Packaging

  • The cutters are packaged in a see-through plastic fronted cardboard box.
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Product Care/Instructions

  • There are full instructions on the reverse of the packaging telling you how to use the cutters.
  • The packaging advises you should wash them before use. (I hand washed them in hot soapy water, rinsed them, and left them to air dry. I have also washed them in the top tray of the dishwasher, and they came out fine).
  • The cutters can be used with icing/fondant, but it does say for best results to use modelling paste or flower paste.


  • There are two sizes of cutters.
  • 40 mm & 60 mm
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  • They're made from food approved plastic.
  • The cutters are robust and of good quality materials.
  • They are bright white in colour.
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  • They are made in the UK.
  • There is also a complete list of contact details on the reverse of the packaging, including the website, telephone and email details should you need to contact them.


  • They can be used for multi-coloured paint splats on an Art-inspired cake, Paintball or Nerf cake.
  • Used as dripped/spill splatters on a DIY cake.
  • Used for muddy puddles on a Farm-themed cake.
  • Make water splashes for an April shower, a Fireman's hose, Naughty elephants squirting water or puddles for a Peppa Pig inspired cake.
  • Great for adding patterns to cupcake toppers.
  • Stick them to your edible creations using water or edible glue.
Tip - If making water splashes add a drop of piping gel to look like water droplets.​

6-inch Board

FMM Splat shape cutter review by Help Me Bake (5) (Medium).jpg
To cover this 6-inch board, I used the small splat cutter.​

A4 Paper

FMM Splat shape cutter review by Help Me Bake (6) (Medium).jpg
I used both cutters to cover this A4 piece of paper to display both sizes.​


Overall these are worth buying because not only do you get two cutters for the price of one, you can also make multiple decorations for your cakes and cupcakes, depending on your theme. Add to that, they are extremely easy to use and give you instant results, what more is there to say. I highly recommend them and will buy additional products from the range.​
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