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Edible Gladioli Flowers by Pat Smith - BSG (1 Viewer)

We had the pleasure of receiving a demonstration by the lovely Pat Smith this month at our BSG meeting who was showing us how to make Edible Gladioli sprays like the one below.

Gladioli Flowers by Pat Smith-001 (Medium).jpg

Pat took the time to carefully show us each stage of making the flowers and explained what tools we would need and the techniques we should use to recreate them in their various stages of bloom. It was amazing to see how realistic the flowers turned out and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

It was a lovely afternoon, especially hearing about how Pat had set up her own group many years ago and how many ladies ventured far and wide to learn new skills. It's amazing to hear how traditions are still being passed on to the next generation and how many women have set up cake decorating groups so that everyone has access to meetings.

We were all thrilled that she'd taken the time out of her busy schedule to show us her expertise and thankful that Judith and Nicola had managed to get her to come for a visit.

These are some of the other lifelike pieces of work she has created taking inspiration from her beautiful garden.

Flowers by Pat Smith BSG (4).jpg

Flowers by Pat Smith BSG (3).jpg

Flowers by Pat Smith BSG (1).jpg

Flowers by Pat Smith BSG (2).jpg

She's also a dab hand at cocoa butter paintings too!

Pat Smith Cocoa Butter Paintings (1).jpg

Pat Smith Cocoa Butter Paintings (2).jpg

I look forward to my next meeting but in the meantime here's the info you'll need to help you find yours!


To find your local meetings be sure to check out:-

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That is some serious talent, I thought they were real flowers when first seeing the photo's, I thought you'd taken up flower arrangements. 😘
Lol, I know the ladies all thought they were real too. But no you could eat them barring the wires if you wanted to.

I think Pat put them in the vase to show how realistic they were and help show us the different variations of bloom and how you can arrange them. You'd actually make them for a cake, but to be honest you could probably make a boatload for around the house and then change them out when you changed your colour scheme. No matter what you make them for though they'd look fabulous!

I've changed the title now so that people know they are for cakes! 😁

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