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Debbie Brown’s 50 Easy Party Cakes Review (1 Viewer)

This is one of the first cake decorating books I bought when I was looking to venture into the cake decorating side of things, and I’m glad I found it.


The contents page itself gives you an insight into the array of designs Debbie has incorporated into the book; there is something for all occasions, such as Trains, Wise Owl, Dotty Dragon's and a Treasure map, to name but a few.


I have made a few of the designs in the book, which are pictured below; I made the chick cake for my goddaughter and the skull and crossbones cake for Halloween, adding my own little creepy crawly touches to it. It may not have been perfect, but it helped me learn how to cut and shape cakes and how to use sugarpaste fondant.



I made the toadstool cake for my daughter's birthday, it was probably the second 3D cake I had ever made, and I was so impressed with the outcome I could have kissed Debbie for helping me from afar!


The page layout of the book is excellent as it's broken down into sections.
  • Firstly there is a large picture showing you what the final design will look like on one side.
  • Then on the other side, there are sections showing materials and quantities of ingredients you will need.
  • The equipment required to make the cake and cover cake boards etc.
  • Then numbered step by step instructions showing you how to make each cake.
  • There are also helpful tips on there too!

This book is aimed at novice bakers, beginners and possibly intermediate cake decorators looking for inspiration but those who already know how to bake a cake. I say this because if you know how to make the cake, you only have to concentrate on the decoration element rather than learning everything else at once.

I really like this book and would highly recommend it as it has something for everyone and has simple yet practical designs.

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