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Clingfilm/Saran Wrap Tip (1 Viewer)

Yep, we've all done it, yes you know that fight with the clingfilm when you can't find the edge of it, or it's ravelled itself around the tube, and you spend ages picking at it or in the end, you get a sheet of it, and you have to waft it about, so it doesn't wrinkle!


Well my lovelies, have no fear, as there is now a straightforward yet effective way of storing your clingfilm and all you'll need is your freezer!

You see, by storing the film in the freezer, the coldness alters the molecular structure of the wrap by removing the static and 'stickiness', therefore, making it much easier to unravel and cover your dishes.

Now don't worry this is only temporary and once the film/wrap has acclimatised it will then revert to its proper 'sticky' state, however, by using it cold, it takes all the fuss out of it.

See, we love it when a plan comes together. 😊
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