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Chocolate Bonfire Cupcake Toppers Tutorial (1 Viewer)

Here is a tutorial on how to make bonfire cupcakes:-


1. Firstly make a batch of Chocolate cupcakes and then leave them to cool fully.


2. Then you need to make a batch of Buttercream.


3. Now you need to split the Buttercream into two bowls.

I then added Tangerine Sugarflair dye to one batch of buttercream and Melon Sugarflair dye to the other batch using two separate sticks. You essentially dip the cocktail stick into your dye and then swirl into your buttercream.



4. Combine it in using a spoon or spatula until the colour has absorbed into the buttercream fully. Continue to add the dye using fresh cocktail sticks until you reach the required colour.



5. Next prep a piping bag with a nozzle, place your nozzle in the disposable bag and then snip the end off to allow the piping nozzle tip to show through. I use a 1M and added some Christmas Red dye to the inside of the piping bag for an added fire effect.


6. To free up your hands place the piping bag and nozzle into a large glass. See Filling a Piping Bag.

Place some of the tangerine buttercreams in the bag along with some of the yellow, add a spoon of orange and then yellow to give a two-tone effect. Twist the top of the bag tightly and then use a clip to secure the end, now hold the bag at a 90° angle, squeeze it and swirl in a clockwise motion. There is a video showing you how to pipe in my Ice Cream Cupcake Tutorial.


7. Once piped you can then add orange and yellow strands to the buttercream topping.


8. Now you need to add the Orange Matchmakers to finish off the design.


9. Break them up into different sizes and then place them vertically all along the edge of the cupcake, they will stick to the buttercream.


Relax and enjoy, the kids will love them.
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