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Can you use out-of-date Icing/Sugarpaste/Fondant? (1 Viewer)

When using Icing/Sugarpaste or Fondant on a cake, you must always ensure that it has a good shelf life and is in date before you cover your cake.

Icing Sugarpaste Fondant (Medium).jpg

However, if you are making dummy toppers or a display cake, then the icing/sugarpaste/fondant doesn't have to be in date as it isn't going to be consumed. The only thing you may find with the out-of-date paste is that it may be harder and drier and could require a little more kneading.

Tip: Always keep your out-of-date icing sugarpaste fondant in a separate cupboard/box/tub away from your new in-date icing so that you never get the two confused. Either that or use up all your paste before the expiry date.

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